How to Make Your Homegrown Cannabis Taste Better?
June 21, 2017

How to make your homegrown taste better then shop quality? Here are 4 Easy Tricks for Perfect Buds!

Use Organic Soil

Soil is the source of all nutrients for your cannabis. To become a real marijuana plant, your little bushes need many nutrients: lithium, nitrogen, iron, magnesium and much more… Plants absorb these nutrients from the soil with the help of special bacteria. You can hardly believe it, but, several grams of soil can contain millions of bacteria and fungi.

Choose organic soil, and you will have more chances to grow rich, earthy smelling cannabis plants.

How to Make Your Homegrown Cannabis Taste Better?  4 Easy Tricks for Perfect Buds 1

Add Some Trace Minerals

Your soil must be organic in order to grow cannabis of high quality. However, some minerals can still be missing due to old elements in the soil. Trace minerals – is a guarantee that your favorite homegrown cannabis will be perfect. How to make your homegrown cannabis taste better?

Azomite powder can be a perfect back-up for an indoor cultivator, as this powder contains 71 natural minerals.

Add a Secret Ingredient

Sometimes, the best nutrients are in the back of your kitchen. You do not believe me? Then read about the properties of blackstrap molasses. This amazing substance is used to feed soil microbes – which helps plants soak the nutrients very effectively. Apart from that, blackstrap molasses has a lot of useful nutrients for growing cannabis like Calcium, Magnesium, and Selenium.

Additionally, blackstrap molasses feeds bacteria which helps roots, of the plant, find all the necessary nutrients.

Of course, you should be very and very careful with feeding your plants. You will need no more than 1/2 tsp for 3.4 liters of fresh water to make your marijuana bush happy. Be very and very specific with all the nutrients for growing cannabis.

How to Make Your Homegrown Cannabis Taste Better?  4 Easy Tricks for Perfect Buds 2

Cure Cannabis

You’ve probably heard a lot about Curing. It improves the taste and the smell of your buds dramatically! It can also actually increase the potency of your buds. Time is the key to making a top quality product – instead of some poorly smelling schwag.

Different strains need different times for flowering. That is why it is important to check the flowering time of every strain you’re growing.

After harvesting, buds should be kept in a place with 50% humidity and 68° and 70° Fahrenheit. Then comes the Curing. You have to find massive glass jars and put cannabis in them for several weeks – at least. The jars must be kept in a cool dark place with 65% humidity.

During this time, you should check the cannabis several times to make sure the excess liquid is eliminated.

How to Make Your Homegrown Cannabis Taste Better?  4 Easy Tricks for Perfect Buds 3

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